Yesterday and Today

Graphic Design, Calligraphy, Bookbinding


A series of three booklets designed around a chapter from Paul Rand’s book Thoughts on Design, titled “Yesterday and Today”. In this particular chapter, Paul Rand encourages designers to take on the challenge to combine traditional and modern visual elements, which he believes could “lead to fresh visual experiences”.

The combination of the traditional and the modern is manifested in multiple layers in the project. In each of the book, a traditional calligraphic hand is combined with a contemporary graphic design movement, creating a series of new compositions. The texts are hand-calligraphed, scanned and printed with laser printer, and the books are hand-bound in the traditional flatter book style.

The calligraphic hand and design movement present in each book: Roman uncials with New Typography, Gothic textura with constructivism, copperplate script with De Stijl paintings.