Xiao Yao

Calligraphy, Letterpress


A letterpress print based on the concept of “逍遥” (Xiao Yao, loosely translated to “at ease and beyond”) proposed by ancient Chinese Philosopher Zhuangzi. In his book, he argued that a person’s spirit should wander freely and go beyond the familiarities, in order to have a deeper appreciation of the real natures of things, and eventually to follow the way of the world, which is an essential concept in Daoist philosophy. Zhuangzi stated that by going beyond the superficial things like selfishness, rewards, or fame, one would become a better person, and therefore, “the perfect man has no self; the spiritual man has no merit; the holy man has no fame.” (translated by Martin Palmer and Elizabeth Breuilly)

The Chinese characters are hand-calligraphed with brush, transfered to a linoleum, and then carved and printed. The English texts are set in Caslon 540 italic at 36pt.

5" x 7.25", edition of 15.

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