Venetian Red



This series of street photography explores the buildings and architecture in the city of Venice, Italy and its surrounding islands, as well as the human interaction with space and time through them.

As the city was built on wooden platforms supported by wooden stakes, the majority of Venetian buildings were constructed with bricks for they were lightweight and permeable, and then covered with a layer of stucco, many of which was colored red or terracotta. Today, these brick walls and vivid red colors still make a huge part of the charm of this floating city, serving as the backdrops of people's daily life on these islands today.

This series of photographs encapsulate these ephemeral scenes that blend the present and the past, by highlighting the encounters between the fleeting moments of bustling modern life and the historical surroundings that has withstood the flow of time. At the same time, the series explores how a color is able to shape time and space in photography, as the Venetian red not only defines the visual look of the physical space, but also embodies the rich history of the city as well as its transformation through the centuries.

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photographyMark Zhu