Vedute, Italian for "views", is a genre of painting or print, popular in Italy during the 18th century, usually depicting a detialed view of cityscape. The genre rose into popularity as a response to the Grand Tour, where young English gentlemen toured the Europe as a part of their education, and the vedute became the perfect souvenirs to show what they have seen.

Today, thanks to modern technology and globalization, traveling and photography have both become rather accessible, but also less substancial. Many people travel just to check in at landsmarks and take touristy selfies, instead of actually appreciating the beauty of these historical and architectural wonders.

This ongoing series is a response to the modern tourism. The photos were all taken during the regular hours when these landmarks are open to the public, but through exploration of perspectives, all the distractions are kept out of the frame. With natural lighting, each monument is treated as a sacred still life object, to highlight its pure architectural elegance.