Typography, Silkscreen


This silkscreen project was created in fall 2017, responding to a topic regarding self-identity and ritual. To me, travel has been a big part of my life, and travel itself seems to be a ritual in many different way: going through airports and customs is a sort of ritual as there are a series of actions that need to be performed; the process of learning about and researching on a place, planning the travel, then making my way there and experiencing the place myself almost resembles a pilgrimage; also travel itself is also a ritual towards exploring and understanding the world.

For this print, I collected the three-letter codes of all the airports I have ever visited, scanned in all the passport entry stamps that I got when traveling internationally, and layered them in a way that each stamp centers around the airport where I got it. During the printing process, the action of silkscreen printing became a re-enactment of the stamping. To reinforce this idea, I also deliberately created random smudges, misprints, bleeds, mimicking those found on the passport, so that none of the stamps across the prints are identical, which are exactly how the passport stamps are. In the end, the process of producing these prints itself became a sort of ritual, revisiting and re-defining these specific moments in my travels and in my life.

20" x 30", variable editions of 12.