A Journey in Type

Typography, Photography


This project was created at Boston University, responding to a prompt that asks for a design piece to represent our daily commute between home and studio.

My response is typography. Ever since I started learning about typography, I found myself viewing the world through a different lens. Every day as I walk between home and school, I would pay attention to the letters around me and their typographic details, but not remembering the actual words or their meanings.

My daily journey is then represented by this transparent box of type. The letters are collected at various locations along my commute, in their original typefaces and textures, and together they represent the physical space between my home and the studio. In addition, this jumble of type also represents my journey in a psychological way. Since I’m not actually remembering the words, the letters are all blended together in my mind, just as how all the letter pieces are mixed in this box. However, the letter pieces can still be put back together, forming various words, providing clues of my actual journey.

typographyMark Zhu