This series of street photography serves as an exploration of dimensionality and space, as well as the illusion of them, with photographs taken at various locations around the world. While stairs transport people from one point in space to another, the interplay of light and shadow and their interaction with the space could very much redefine the perception of dimensions, as if the people are traveling into an alternative reality. 

This series is also an examination of the nature of photography as an two-dimensional art form that captures the three-dimensional world. The crafted visual space has long been a subject explored by artists. For centuries artists studied perspective to portray the three-dimensional world in a two-dimensional frame in a realistic fashion, but contemporary artists have been challenging the traditional way we perceive dimension. While many photographers approach the theme by constructed still life, I believe the devices to make or break visual space actually exist around us. Through street photography, I am capturing these "alternative realities" hidden around us, and at the same time questioning whether photography, while usually associated with portraying the real world, is actually doing so.

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photographyMark Zhu