Chronicles of Monuments

Editorial Design, Photography, Bookbinding


A series of booklets investigating the past and the present of three monuments in the world.

Each book is a double-sided accordion folds, and represents one monument. On the front side, visual representations and descriptions of the monument from various time time periods and media are collected and curated, to show the history of the monument from different perspectives; the back side documents the day I visited and saw the monument in person, through my own photographs and thoughts. When the reader finishes reading the front side, the whole book can be opened and expanded so that the back side can be read as one continuous photo strip. The sleeve also features exterior architectural details of the monument, so that the book becomes the monument itself.

The three monuments present in these books are: the Florence Cathedral in Florence, Italy, the Forbidden City in Beijing, China, and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Book 1: Florence Cathedral

Book 2: Forbidden City

Book 3: Blue Mosque