Browsing History

Editorial Design, Bookbinding


The final thesis book completed for the MFA Graphic Design program at Boston University, in May 2018.

As I have reached a research-based design process after my two years of graduate studies, I realized that historical research has always been a part of my process since the first project. The design of this final thesis book features a retrospective look at the topics I have researched on during this period, arranged in a chronological order, interwoven with a selection of past projects as well as writings from my final thesis statement. At the end, all the researches, projects, and thoughts come together and lead to my final thesis project (See the thesis project here and here). The title "browsing history" not only describes my design process where I go through historical researches, but also refers to this book as the "browsing history" of my graduate studies.

The book is 104 pages, and hand-bound.

design, bookbindingMark Zhu