I Ought to Be Jealous of This Tower

I Ought to be Jealous of This Tower

Calligraphy, Silkscreen, Photography


A silkscreen printing project exploring the tensions between digital and analogue, as well as between the past and present. The background composes of texts taken from the contract signed by Gustave Eiffel to build the Eiffel Tower, hand-calligraphed in a French Ronde hand; the middle ground is a digital photograph taken during my visit to Paris; the foreground is the quote by Eiffel “I ought to be jealous of this tower. She is more famous than I am.” The three layers intend to represent the temporal relationship between before and after the Eiffel Tower was built, as well as the tension between the past and the present, as today, thanks to globalization and tourism, the Eiffel Tower is indeed more famous than Eiffel himself.

22" x 30", edition of 8.