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Hi, I’m Mark. I'm a graphic designer and photographer, originally from Hangzhou, China, currently based in New York City, USA. 

With my background living, studying, and traveling in different parts of the world, my work is deeply inspired by my cross-cultural background, curiosity for this world, and my personal quest to become a polyglot.

Many of my design work investigates the translation and interpretation between cultures and languages, both literally and visually. I use design, especially typography and calligraphy, as a tool to translate certain aspects of cultures and languages into visuals that transcend language barriers, in order to promote cross-cultural communication.

My photography work explore the documentation of natural and urban space, and the human interaction with them. At the same time, I explore how the camera capture and consolidate time and space into a 2-D image, and how the image is then perceived by the human eye, in order to challenge the viewers’ perception of this world we seem to know so well.


2018 MFA Graphic Design, Boston University
2016 BFA Photography & BA French, University of Iowa

2018 Design Intern, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)
2016-18 Graphic Designer, Boston University College of Fine Arts
2013-16 Photographer, University of Iowa Division of Student Life

2019 Certificate of Typographic Excellence, Type Directors Club Competition
2019 Merit Award, HOW International Design Awards
2018 Winner, GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards
2018 Nomination, National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest

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